What others are saying…

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina Phillips for many years. As director of communications for the business school of Texas A&M University, I had occasion to work with Tina first while she was a graduate student working full-time at a state of Texas agency. After she graduated and moved into the private sector, I hired her as a freelance as often as I could. When I retired from the university recently, I was hired to manage a high-end book project for a fine arts organization. Tina was my first choice as the graphic designer and I am delighted to be working with her again.

Tina possesses exceptional design skills, an eye for color, information design, knows how to be cost effective, is joyful to work with. She is adept at presenting her brilliant ideas in the strategy of a project as well as the details of a project. She is not offended when her ideas are not put to use or different approaches are decided upon.

I highly recommend Tina to you. If you can hire her for your projects, do.

Pam Wiley
Former Director of Communications for Mays Business School
Pam Wiley Enterprises

We needed a cutting edge clean site that would instill a sense of confidence to our customers. Scott and Tina did not disappoint with very little direction from our previous site and a logo. Sprocket Design created a new look for our brand that we’re proud of. Our site is easily updated and maintained by our own staff and customer friendly in design.

Philip Mattingly
PSI Technology

Your wonderful work on my website has yielded me mega work.

I would be up a design creek without Tina and Scott. They have been so important to my company’s branding and overall look.  From logo design to postcards and even business card recommendations– these two know what they are doing.  I am so thankful and happy to work with them!

Michelle Campbell-Greene
Crafted Weddings & Events